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Window Cleaner Shopping list

Updated: May 23, 2019

One of the key components of a successful window cleaning business is quality equipment. This is meant to be a list of the minimum recommended equipment. Along with my recommendations and experience with each. Below you will find a list of what I would consider minimum equipment for a window cleaner. Below that you will find a discussion about each item and why I recommend it. Each has a link you can use to purchase the at a good price. I will also be writing a blog for each of the following on the list for a more detailed discussion of what equipment I recommend and why please click the read more link next to each. Each Item will be linked to a product I recommend you can follow the link to buy it online

Step Ladder - 6' step ladder with a 225 lb rating Read more.

Extension ladder - 24' aluminum extension ladder with ladder leveler and extension ladder covers, and a 32' aluminum extension with ladder leveler and extension ladder covers. Read more

Extension pole - 8 foot 2 section extension pole. Read more

Scrubber - Unger complete Monsoonplus stripwasher (please see below for a discussion of sizes)

Squeegee Handle - the two I like are the Ettore Quick Release Brass with Rubber grip Squeegee Handle and the Unger Ergotec Squeegee Handle (see below for a comparison of the two)

Squeegee Channel - This will depend on which handle you decided to go with for the Ettore go with Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Channel for the Unger go with Unger S Squeegee Channel (I would recommend the 14" size I like to have multiple sizes see below for a discussion of sizes.)

Squeegee rubber - by far the best Squeegee rubber is Ettore Master Squeegee Ruber you can get it in a pack of 12 or 12 packs of 12 for a discount. (you will use a lot I would recommend the larger pack Use the size that matches your channels)

Bucket - Ettore Super Bucket you will need to purchase the lid separate if you decide on only the 14 inch scrubber you can get away with The Ettore Compact Super Bucket and the lid again is sold separately

Holster - Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt

Scraper - Unger Ergo Tec Safety Scraper -1.5 Inch

Ladder rack - This will depend on your vehicle please see below for a discussion

Vehicle - I do not have a specific recommendation on what vehicle see below for a discussion of vehicles.

Water Fed pole - this is not a must have but does help to significantly speed up processes I will be making a new blog specific to water fed poles in the future.

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